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Why Prayer Plant Leaves Curling? – Inward, Turning Yellow

If you are searching for why prayer plant leaves curling then before that let me tell you this plant has very incredible looking foliage and that is why it is kind of popular in many countries. They basically grow indoors so it prefers indirect bright light & also they thrive in moist soil rather you put them in soggy soil. If the conditions are not right the leaves eventually frizzle, curl up soon. I will discuss the solution of curling below.

Why is my Prayer Plant leaves curling?

Prayer Plant Leaves Curling is due to excessive light, this is the most common reason. Curling Occur because of sunlight, if it’s hot and absorbing too much water then plant leaves will curl up to protect the water loss. To fix this issue you can change the location or place it in the shade or partial shade where this gets low light for less hours compared to previous location.

The other reason for prayer plant leaves curling up is because of the low amount of water left in the soil to survive and to tackle this situation this plant generally curled to reduce the water shortage. To solve this problem you should immediately pour water and next time only give water to this plant when it’s about to dry its soil completely. In the prayer plant check the 2-3 inch top soil to know when not to water the plant.

Prayer Plant Leaves Curling
John Thagard, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

When you overwater this plant it will be exposed to root rot, no air circulation in the potting mix leads to loss of foliage color and dropping of leaves. Always remember you should not pour too much water; it breaks the root’s core. 

There is another reason for its curling that is low humidity and to rectify this issue you can just place a saucer or tray and put some pebbles and water now place it near the plant, these small container trays will produce moistness around the plant and it will get the humidity which makes the leaves fulfill its all requirement means now this plant can grow properly. This is a reason but the above 2 reasons would be final and most common prayer plant problems.

Prayer plant is quite a unique house plant as it stays flat the whole day but once the time changes to evening or night it stands up and the leaves roll back to prayer position magically. It’s the natural process of this plant. And some people brought this  Maranta just to check this plant’s behavior.

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Prayer plant leaves curling up
Photo by David J. Stang, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Why is my prayer plant leaves curling?

In winters when temperature is low Leaves might curl up to protect itself from cold or not to dry from warm air inside the room. Mostly prayer plant enjoy medium to high humidity & if you don’t have a humidifier you always use a saucer to fill water and pebble in it and place near marantas it will solve the problem else read the first two answers given above.

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How do I stop my leaves from curling?

If you want to stop leaves from curling then change the previous spot it was placed in and check if it helps because excessive sunlight is the reason behind it. Secondly if you put them in damp soil it results in wilting and curling up leaves so check the watering schedule and reduce watering.

How often should you water a prayer plant?

You should give water to prayer plants once every 5-6 days in summer and wait for 2 weeks to give water in winters as they are in dormant stage and it will not absorb most of the water so keep the watering low in winters.

How do you know when a prayer plant is dying?

When a prayer plant is dying it will show signs like wilting, curling , leaves yellowing , wet leaves, droopy, wither and browning of leaves. You can always save this type of plant by reducing the watering as most of the time it is the reason for any big problem. And secondly provide prayer plants proper light and well drained fertile soil.

Wrap up

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