Prayer Plant Toxic to Cats – Is This Safe(If Eaten By An Animal)

If you are curious about whether prayer plant toxic to cats, dogs and other animals then before that let me tell you that these plants have beautiful design foliage and unique layers of shades. The most amazing & magical thing about this plant is it can stand up at night or dark time but seems flat and sleep at daytime when light is there. It is a unique phenomenon that I have seen in any plant, it was not only popular with its leaves but with this type of movements it did during day & night.

Prayer Plant Toxic to Cats? According to Central District of health department, prayer plant are not toxic or poisonous to cats, dogs and the plant is added in the list of safe plants. Maranta leuconeura is one of them with velvet, swedish ivy, dracaena and jade plant. Generally prayer plants will grow best in a hanging pot so putting them will even protect your plant from damage by your pet. In case of any emergency then contact pet care for more.

Maranta leuconeura is a perennial plant and has a height of 9-12 inch or more and it has elliptical shaped leaves. This houseplant will not be happy if placed in sunlight and also if given heavy water daily then it can lead to rotting. Best temperature to thrive in daytime is 22 to 26 degree Celsius while 15 to 20 degree Celsius must be at dark.

Prayer plants are popular perennial plants which has 10-12cm long egg shaped leaves. They can reach a height of 30cm tall and 30cm wide. They are grown because of its beauty and a magical effect like leaves folding in the evening just like it was doing prayer while it opens the leaves again in the next day’s sunlight. This happens everyday which grabs so much attention. Do not worry about the toxicity they are safe and non poisonous to cats.

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Prayer Plant Toxic to Cats
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A prayer plant needs plant food every month when growing in spring to summer and you should have moist soil or make your room with good humid so it can enjoy the indoors and thrive better.

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Is the Maranta plant poisonous to cats?

No, Maranta plants are not poisonous to cats , dogs as this is a scientific name of a prayer plant and they are listed in the safe plant category. Mostly grown in balcony with hanging pot and must use good fertilizer soil else you will need to give fertilizer in summer or spring. 

Prayer plant toxic to humans

Prayer plants are not poisonous to cat and dog and many people are curious to know whether this plant is toxic to humans or not. The answer would be it’s not harmful and doesn’t have any side effects but still you should be careful and put them out of reach to the children’s.

Are prayer plants pet safe?

Biggest website of plants and animals listed in ASPCA and it is safer indoors but careful every time if there is a pet that spoils everything. In the case of Cats, owners need to do daily care and cleaning to make it more healthy. This is a flowering plant with beautiful attractive blue colored foliage.

Is prayer plant toxic to birds?

No Prayer plant is not toxic to birds, Yes they do sit on this houseplant but there is no possibility that they will start eating this plant or any issue that they will face when they are near.

Is prayer plant toxic to pets?

For pet’s prayer plant is safe and not toxic in any way as per ASPCA organization and CDHD government website.

What happens if a cat eats a prayer plant?

If a cat somehow eats leaves of a prayer plant in large quantities, then it may cause stomach pain, irritation, vomiting and excessive drooling and other digestive problems. It is non toxic so not a dangerous plant to animals or dogs. Digestive system may get upset if ate and you can call the nearest animal care center if this happens. I suggest keeping your cat away from your plant. It is an eye -catching plant so one of these in the house makes the home more charming. Cats won’t get hurt much and be careful of plant care.

How to Avoid Cats from Eating The Prayer Plant?

There are different ways you can protect your plant, not the cat from eating it or damaging the prayer plant pot. This includes Orange peels, Make a seperate room for cats, Use an alternative plant from your cat, Use pebbles or small rocks or sticky tape to avoid cat getting any contact with your prayer plant.


This is the method which works quite a while, because cats don’t like the smell of citrus fruit, or juice and it will prevent the cat from harming your prayer plant. This is a win -win situation for you, but you need oranges everytime this is a problem that can be solved in the next solution.

Small Rocks

A pebbles, or small rocks just above the soil which will avoid your cat digging any hole. It is beneficial for those rooms which have air coolers or large fans that make the soil dust float around the room making it more dusty. Pebbles will prevent the cat as well as the dust that fly out from the soil pot. It will also protect the soil from drying too early if you have good sunlight in the house.

Sticky Tape

A tape that is sticky would make your cat avoid any contact, because cats generally care for every part of the body. They don’t like getting dirty or avoid any sticky substance which is hard to wipe. So in this case your cat will definitely avoid sticky tape that you put around the pot and they will surely keep the paws away from the prayer plant pot.

Cat Disliked plants

You should install a plant that your cat dislikes, and won’t come near to it. There are some plants including lemon thyme, pennyroyal, lavender, rue, all these have a smell that most cats dislike. Rosemary is also an option to add with your prayer plant.


Wrap up

I hope you get the answer on “Prayer Plant Toxic to Cats” and if you would like to read more articles from us check below.


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