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Orange Star Plant – Flowers, Care, Bulb, Pruning, Toxicity

Orange Star Plant (Flower) are one of the beautiful flowering plants that looks like a Star with yellowish color and brown or green color at the center. It is very popular by its name which is star of Bethlehem

and they are very attractive plant to even gift to someone. You can grow these in a pot or in your garden, they will add colors to your garden landscape and it can also be planted in borders of your garden.

Now lets quickly check its background information.

This beautiful plant is a flowering plant , which is famous for its common names Star of Bethlehem and Sun Star. It comes from the Cape province of South African Continent. The Binomial or Scientific name of this plant is Ornithogalum dubium and it is from the Asparagaceae family. These plants grow about 17-20 inch tall ( 45- 50 cm) and they are very beautiful. Its shape is kind of like a bulb & they grow in groups of 6-25 yellowish or orange flowers in color.

Its tepals which are outer part in flower and what i can tell you it was not considered as either petal or sepal. These tepals may grow in different colors such as yellow , orange, red and very rarely seen in white color with either brown or green at the center. 

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(Ornithogalum dubium) How to Grow Orange Star Plant

To grow this plant(Orange star flower) first you need its seeds or bulbs. These baby seeds are produced by the plant at the end of summer and these can be separated easily. When growing this plant it requires good draining soil (it was grown in rock garden often times)

, mix of peat moss and sandy can be great choice when making potting soil. These plants love to be in full sunlight and require at least 5-6 hours direct sunlight. Before sunlight , watering is also a important factor you should keep in mind ,

giving it water whenever necessary and make sure not to water if the soil is still moist. If blooming is over its soil should not be watered but it can be moist . when autumn comes it starts to grow again and doesn’t give full water it

can be sprinkled with some water only whenever it needs. Also the best time to sow its seeds is autumn season and if you grow multiple seeds make sure at least 2 inch space between them. Put some river sand at the top layer of it

and keep them moist as seeds germination can only starts if it gets proper humidity for 2 weeks. These are attacked by mealy bugs so you should use organic Neem oil or order good pesticide to prevent these pests from damaging the plant.

NOTE: These plants are not safe around kids and pets if ingested it can be dangerous or very much toxic. Take cause and don’t plant them where you dog or cat or kids easily access them.

How to Grow Orange Star Plant
How to Grow Orange Star Plant

How to care for orange star plant

Care for orange star plant includes well drained soil. Star plant also requires adeque light and fertilizer for orange flower growth. Also don’t flood orange star plant with water. Planting orange star plant in well drained soil is good habit which have mix of sandy soil and peat moss.


Watering is needed whenever these plants are thirsty for water when you see the surface soil is dried out. They needs full sun so that it can maintain its flower bright colors.


The USDA hardiness zone of orange star plants is 7-11 ,so it needs water once every 2-3 days in the summer and spring season. In winters these plants don’t want water and it can be watered once every 7-8 days or may be more , you can

check it by touching the soil and if the soil is dried out only then you have to water it.

Plant food or fertilizer

Fertilizer is necessary for its future growth and the best fertilizer we know is slow release fertilizer that can be purchased online easily. Make sure not to use fertilizer many times, and if it doesn’t have fertilizer it can’t get macro nutrients

from soil that will lead to less bright color of flower and the growth can be affected by not providing fertilizer.


Orange star plant repotting can be done in this plant when the pot doesn’t have much space for roots to grow. You can see your orange star getting pale, dropping if its roots don’t find space to spread. Orange star plant should be repotted every 1-2 years for its soil refreshment. You can purchase a pot with bigger size and  fresh soil for its nutrients needs so it can grow fully and have better growing conditions in garden or indoor or in balcony.

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How to Care Orange Star Plant
How to Care Orange Star Plant


(Ornithogalum dubium) Orange Star Plant Propagation

There are 2 methods you can use to propagate Orange Star plants , one is by using its seeds and another one is by separating its offsets(part of the plant).


When Flower blooms for weeks then at the end of fall it will start to fade, Keep an eye on Plants so that when its flower seeds start to ripen , remove them and collect it. Put all the seeds in tissue paper or spray some water

and cover it with another tissue. After one or two week check the seeds , if you see any growth seed cover starts to break then put that directly in potting soil. Don’t put all seeds in one place, it should have 2 inch space between them.

use gravel on the top surface of the soil so it can retain moisture and build its roots. After you see leaves coming out , then time to move it to the sunlight source area and also you can repot it in a bigger pot.


The best time you can cut the offset is either in summer or fall season when leaves are getting pale from the tip. Use a sterilized cutting tool to cut the offset. Cut the healthy offset and don’t use the diseased one.

Plant that offset in a new pot which have good soil. It should have proper holes so water can be out from there.

NOTE : offset is another root line which grows another plant. When you take out your plant you will see its roots spread and make its way up from the other side of the soil to become another plant. they can be removed to make another plant.

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How to Propagate Orange Star Plant
How to Propagate Orange Star Plant


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(Ornithogalum dubium) Orange Star Plant Pruning

Prune is easy, but you need to know that You should focus on removing the faded flowers that are not going to bloom. Pruning can be used to revive its growth again. Also if you see any plant getting diseased then immediately remove them.

Trim all leaves that gets brown because of fungal diseases can be prevented using fungicide. Also remove die back(flowers that started turning brown from tip) flower because they will not bloom again and eventually fade.

Pruning can boost its root strength and that way the root can give nutrients

and food to only healthy growth and start new growth as well.

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Most searched Question

Star of Bethlehem flower meaning

(Orange) Star of Bethlehem flower plant meaning represents integrity, new hope, trustfulness, care, goodness and faith. Star of Bethlehem flower also symbolizes with pure characteristics of Jesus and is is related to Christ birth. It is a sign of forgiveness , purity, honesty and hope.

Star of bethlehem flower blooms in the mid to late spring and shows beautifully white flowers and this plant has green stripes with which you may find 10-15 flower blooms at night, showing bright white color of purity and a new beginning.

These flowers are used in religious events and they often shows associated with the good faith. It can be seen in Christmas time where it is used in various events that makes the owners’ arrangements more eye-catching and beautiful.

According to botanical.com, the bulbs are edible even raw but we must not forget that every vegetable we eat first boils and mixes it with other things. 

According to Plants For A Future(Pfaf.org), They have mentioned parts of star of bethlehem including leaves and roots are edible but they do include warnings like if the bulb can increase stomach problems or it can be poisonous so I highly recommend not to use it for eating purposes.

Star of Bethlehem medicinal uses :

According to webmd, Star of Bethlehem bulbs have a chemical that can be useful and prevent problems of heart, lung but they still believe that further study is needed to determine the final outcome so without more evidence it is not advisable to use them for any medical use. They wrote that it is not safe to use and contains Cardiac glycosides that are used in preventing heart problems but it is still a powerful chemical that can be life threatening. They have warned not to use it.

But still you can use it for gardening and planting purposes as they look beautiful and mesmerizing.

Orange Star flower Meaning

Every flower is popular either because of its fragrance or most of its meaning. Many Flowers symbolize something which happened in history may be good or bad. As you know, it is also known by the name star of Bethlehem and they represent 5 words

and they are Hope, honesty, Purity with innocence and forgiveness. Every word has its own meaning and symbols.

The orange color represents cheerfulness, happiness, confidence of outcome and joy of life. You can also give bouquet of flowers to someone special as this brings joy in their life. This flower symbolizes exactly like this.

Orange star flower facts

This plant facts are very less and as you know orange star flower is native to the South African region and this flower plant developed a dark point at the center of its flower to woo the beetles that way the pollination process can happen.

Star of Bethlehem flower

It is the common name of the orange star plant , this plant is very attractive and shows beautiful yellowish foliage that looks stunning. They are called bulb shaped plants as they quite appear as bulbs with yellow light.

They are easy to care and grow , so no worries.

Orange star plant drooping

The most common reason for orange star plant drooping is due to overwatering and the air circulation of orange star plant might have stopped which led to droopy or limp. Moist Soil doesn’t mean you flood water on it , it means it should get water so that orange star doesn’t gets dry.

When you see soil getting dry then only water it. Second reason may be you are giving them maximum sunlight that way it gets burned, moving its location to a partial light area. Check the Container holes if it is not blocked by sand ,

and check if water is not getting out from there, rectify that and don’t make your soil become wet most of the time , it should get dried out with time, excess water can hurt its roots.

Orange star plant poisonous

According to CBIF, Some Countries Reported Shortness of Breath After Ingesting Bulbs or Flowers. Its Bulbs are highly poisonous because it has glycosides, a toxin that can be dangerous. In South Africa , A cattle ingested this and died after becoming blind.

So it Is advised to make sure don’t put these plants near children or pets like dog and cat. 

Another Plant named star plant which is non toxic to both cats and dogs but don’t get confused with the name as both are very different in size, shape, color and structure.

Orange star plant leaves turning yellow

The reason behind orange star plant leaves turning yellow is due to soil mix or needed time to adjust the environment. Orange star plants when they mature also turns yellow and eventually fade. When they fade you should remove them using a sharp cutting tool which must be sterilized first. Cut all the dead and diseased leaves and stem , it leads a step to its healthy growth.

It’s just the process where it matures and then dies and it was replaced by other new flower growth.

Orange star plant for sale

This plant are sold in many online website and stores sites, its easily available to buy , sometimes these sites can run sale for gardeners and general public. I have given links above for anyone wanted to buy these. These are lovely garden landscape plants.

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Orange star plant outside

This plant can grow outside as it requires sunlight for 5-6 hours. They can  grow in well drained soil that helps them grow better and not get infected by fungal diseases. USDA hardiness zones are 7 – 11 for the orange star plant

and it comes from the southeast. They are wonderful and home decoration perfect plants.

Orange star plant bulbs

Orange star plant (Ornithogalum dubium) is a striking flowering bulb garden plant. South African star of Bethlehem or sun star blooming bulbs. It has beautiful orange flower clusters in USDA zones 7–11.

Late spring, usually April–June, brings these stunning blossoms. Borders and edging are ideal for this 10-12-inch shrub. The orange star plant is frost-tolerant but thrives in warm, sunny, well-drained soil.

Orange star plants spread aggressively under optimum circumstances. Maintaining the plant requires bulb division and trimming. Orange star plants are lovely, low-maintenance landscape additions.

Orange star plant outdoors

These orange star plants grow best in outdoor landscapes , the USDA hardiness zone range from 10a to 11 and these plants need very little care to successfully grow them. If you do care then it can increase its growth more and they look more healthier than other house plants.

Orange star plant care indoors

Maintaining an orange star plant indoors may be satisfying. The vivid orange star-shaped blossoms of this lovely succulent, which is endemic to South Africa, are its most notable feature. Although it requires little upkeep, there are several crucial actions to preserve the health of the plant.

Finding a location with plenty of light is crucial first. Avoid direct sunlight since orange star plants like bright, indirect light. For optimal results, put the plant in a window that faces south or west.

Next, make sure the drainage is sufficient. The container should have drainage holes and the plant should be planted in a well-draining potting soil. Additionally, ensure sure the soil is not too damp by checking it often. Allowing the soil to dry out between waterings can prevent root rot, which may be brought on by overwatering.

Finally, it’s critical to routinely fertilize your orange star plant. During the spring and summer, fertilize it once a month with a balanced liquid fertilizer.

Your orange star plant will remain healthy and blossom for many years if you abide by these instructions. This lovely succulent can bring beauty to any house with the correct upkeep and care.

How often do you water an orange star plant

You can water them 2 times a week and must check the soil first before watering. They need constant watering but remember good soil drainage is also necessary. In Summer you need to water them more often but in winter you can reduce the water as

this plant can retain water very well.

Is orange star plant roots bad?

Root can be bad if you didn’t let it dry out. When some gives it water with the exact frequency in every season , that might cause some problems on roots. In Summer once a week is enough time to water or when it needs,

check it by simply touching the soil and if it feel dry water it. In winters water can be limited and only give them water when they dried out. You may find some leaves getting yellow and pale that can happen when they feel drought

like situation but once you give them water they will recover and grow normally.

What to do with orange star bulbs?

You can use orange star bulbs to produce a new plant and it is more successful although seeds also have a success rate of growing high, but if you have this bulb/rhizome of this plant you can use potting soil and show that 1-2 inch

and water it so it gets some moisture. Keep this consistency and water it as this required when it has no roots in it. The roots will develop soon and then it grows more faster. Use fertilizer to provide them nutrients.

Orange Star Flower

Don’t be confused ,We also called orange star plant with the name orange star flower as it has very beautiful foliage and known to be a Star of Bethlehem. The bright flower and stunning color can make people wanted to buy these plants.

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How to keep an orange star plant alive?

To Keep your orange star plant alive it should get sandy, well-draining soil. Also Make sure don’t overwater the bulb or it may get soggy. For best development, position the plant in bright, indirect sunlight.

You should also deadhead faded flowers. The plant will flourish and look its best. Use a well-balanced fertilizer in tiny dosages once a week during blossoming. This will boost growth and blooming.

Orange star plant bloom time

Nature wakes up after winter. Orange star flowers bloom in late winter, signaling spring. This vibrant bloom announces spring.

The daisy-like orange star blossom is tiny. Its vivid orange petals create a star-shaped design. Clusters of flowers provide brilliant color.

Cold-hardy orange star flowers. Its cold tolerance makes it perfect for late winter blooming. The blooms are very low-maintenance.

Gardeners like the orange star flower because it brings spring to the landscape. Flowers endure weeks, beautifying the garden.

The orange star flower celebrates nature and the seasons. The orange star flower blooms to greet spring and warmer days.

Orange star plant life cycle

The orange star plant is a gorgeous perennial with a 30-year lifespan. The plant blooms with orange star-shaped flowers each season, giving vibrancy to any garden. For low-maintenance, long-lived blooming plants, it’s ideal.

The plant blooms late spring through summer. It may produce many blooms all season if grown properly. It grows quickly—some types may reach two feet in a few months.

Orange star plant height

With lime green, lance-shaped leaves and dazzling orange blooms with black centers, the Orange Star Plant brightens any garden. Under optimum circumstances, the Orange Star Plant height may grow up to 12–20 inches tall and 3–4 inches wide, with leaves up to 10 inches long. The Orange Star Plant can brighten any outside space as a garden centerpiece.


Why is my orange star plant dying?

an orange star plant if it stays on the dry soil , it might wilt and start dying if not solved. Don’t give Water for some days and also before this check for soil dryness if it is moist to 3-4 inch then wait for some days it to dry. 

Is a sun star plant a perennial

Yes sun star plant is perennial plant because it has bulbs that keep on growing, even these are further propagated to make new sun star plants. Only Giving proper care like direct sun and medium soil moist and not soggy would make it grow bigger and healthy. these orange star shows eye-catching blooms that can attack the side walkers or it is very likely to be seen as white color are more visible to eyes.

Sun star is a member of lily family and has a star shape with different flower blooms. Its bulbs propagate easily and can make more such flowers again and again once there are 2-3 flowers successfully established.

These Sun star plants grow over 29cm tall and can fade once winter starts but don’t worry the bulbs which are used to propagate it can be safe guard and can again make this plant bloom only if the owner didn’t overwater it.

How often do you water an orange star plant?

Always Check soil if you don’t know how often you should water an orange star plant, because this helps to keep the soil from getting excessive water. Use your finger to dip on soil about 2-3 inch if it’s dry, water it and if not, wait and check the next day.

Can Orange Star be planted outside?

If Living in zone 7 or warm climate , Yes you can plant them outside it can handle winters. Most Bulbs planted in spring every year use good Soil otherwise first waterlogging and then root rot start to bother. Use fertilizer soil and check my above guide on soil.

How long do orange dwarf stars live?

Orange dwarf another variety lives around 15 billion years and more, according to space it can survive 45 billion years long. These plants are more tolerable and can grow and regenerate easily.

Is Star of Bethlehem invasive?

According to VIC, Star of Bethlehem is non invasive and not big effect on agricultural land but yes these have potential to spread easily , only issue is clumps are difficult to prune that can increase to labor cost. They will not spread like other invasive plants do.


This plant is easy to care and maintain , Its beauty is very natural looking. This plant has very bright foliage that can attract even people going in other direction. This plant is a pure beauty and can be grown in backyard or garden or even in pot.

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