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Jade is very popular succulent plant because of its low care and attractive leaves. This one is used in both offices and houses to give a location a more green and natural look. One of the reasons for growing them is they are quite adaptable and long lived plants. Propagation can be done again and again, how beautiful is it to their roots growing , even we can multiply them easily. Lets find out How to Care for a jade Plant?

Jade plant care is easy and enjoyable to see its growth weeks after week. Jade plant care requires good soil, ideal temperature placement, fertilizer, sufficient water on dry days and much more. they are one of the best growing houseplant that requires less space, low light and water to grow normally.

In your first encounter with the plant you may see its leaves as bulb or oval shaped that seems very green, with a woody stem. Jade plants do look like a live tree which makes people want to take it as a decorative indoor plant.

When I Said it was a long term existing plant this is true actually because many of these plants are grown by the new generation of gardeners,& their grandfather or father left them & now their children are taking care of those plants.

It has a height of 3-4 feet or may be more when it was grown inside the house. This plant growth rate is about 2 inch per year and this plant grows slowly.

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Jade plant symbolizes good luck & it is considered as a symbol of positivity. In feng Shui practice , jade plants spread positive energy that brings good luck , good future and prosperity. Even these plants give a peaceful and pleasant surrounding environment.

Jade Plant Scientific name is Crassula ovata, and it is home to Mozambique and South African Region as these are the places where it was first discovered.There are many names of this plant and some are money tree , lucky plant , money plant

(although there is a money plant name of another great plant), and some of its variety have either white or pink colored flowers. There is also one more plant which is Pachira aquatica whose name is money tree used for commercial purposes.

It has a very thick branching system and the leaves of this plant are shiny and soft. Also When You see this plant notice one thing that leaves are growing opposite to each other in pairs. Some varieties have yellow foliage and some have red stripes

on edges this may happen because of heavy sunlight exposure. You may see this plant growing about a height of 2.5 m and the branches are compact and becoming a shrub. Even from base just a few centimeters it will grow leaves from there.

In some cultures Jade Plant Meaning is about friendship , prosperity and Good luck.

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Now Let’s Check on How to Care for a Jade plant:

How to Care for a Jade Plant?

Jade plant caring is easy and enjoyable to see its growth weeks after week. Jade plant care requires good soil, ideal temperature placement, fertilizer, sufficient water on dry days and much more. they are one of the best growing houseplant that requires less space, low light and water to grow normally. It also requires other care that I have discussed below.


So this question is basic but most people get confused on this part and wants to know what kind of soil jade plants need – They need well draining soil & a good pot which has holes in it that should be 3-4 as this helps

the plant get air & drain water easily.


Jade plant love to sit in moist soil and regular watering can make them happy. In Hot summer you need to give more attention as water can be dried out quickly so give them water in time. Also Make sure to give them water only

when soil is dried about 1 inch. Check Drainage holes are not covered so water can go out easily. Never give excess water to Jade plants , and if you did by mistake then pour off some of the water from the pot so it doesn’t sit in water.


You can use balanced fertilizer in jade plants like 20-20-20 fertilizer and give it every week when these plants are in growing season. Many people mistake it not giving them proper succulent fertilizer that makes the plant grow quite slow and not attractive.

Here is a link to buy balanced fertilizer.

Time for fertilizing is from April to September & also if you have any flowering fertilizer then you can use it every 2 months.

Diseases & pests

A Fungus called powdery mildew can kill your plant slowly with that white power and eats everything if not treated , You can use Horticultural oil to solve this issue. There are some common pests like mealybugs and scale insects which can directly impact

the sap of plant tissue and suck all the nutrients of the plant. This can be solved by applying cotton balls and soaking them in rubbing alcohol to remove these pests infestation.


Jade plant don’t like full sun and dislike when they get placed in direct sunlight they might show leaf scorch or burns so make sure to put them in a partial or shade area. You can also place them for like 1 or 2 hours

in sunlight this keep the plant in good conditions but indoor you can place them in southeast position which is also great location for good fortune. Placing them near window will also give them bright light and that makes the plant healthy.


According to UCONN , Jade plants temperature should be between 60 to 70 °F in the day time and they can easily handle decrements about 50° F at night time. Bright light is preferred by jade so give them more light as this keeps their stem strong.

The USDA hardiness zones for this plant is 11 and 12.

Jade Plant Growth Rate

Jade Plant has a growth rate of 2 inches per year. Jade plants have slow growth & it only reaches 1 feet in 5(10 inches) years, & generally the growth rate is slow & it can reach to 6 feet(72 inches) tall after many years of hardworking growth. To increase the growth rate of a jade plant you need to provide it with an ideal temperature location where it can get a natural environment just like how it grows in its native tropical area.

Growth rate can be enhanced by using  a fertilizer in the growing season. Changing the pot every year or two would also make it grow faster as roots find more space to spread and that way the plant can expect to grow good enough. Some people believe that they can even exceed the limit growing more than 2 inches(5 cm) & reaching to 20 cm means 4 inches in a year but it needs an adaptable environment to grow which is not possible in a city area. 

We only adjust the temperature to be ideal and sometimes it works but not every time.

Jade plant propagation

How to propagate a jade Plant? Jade plant propagation can be done using its leaf or with stem and this process is very simple for Jade lovers. Even If you are a beginner you can just learn jade propagation by cutting and experimenting on this plant.

I have over 11 years experience with this plant and in that time I have already propagated it many times with any issue and they are most successfully succulents for propagation.

When to Propagate Jade plants? This Question was asked by many and basically you can propagate it any time of the year with the right amount of care is needed only. I propagate them in Either Summer or Spring Both seasons it can grow , Make sure soil gets moist and bright light. 


  • Jade Plant Cutting either Stem or leaf needed.
  • Cactus and Succulent soil mix ( or Use 1/4 of Coarse Sand, Compost and Permise)
  • Clipper for cutting
  • Clean Pots
  • Rooting Hormone

Now I’ll Talk about Every method and My own personal tips to take good care of jade plants. Here is the Step by Step Method on How to propagate Jade plant:

1 . Use Sterilize Cutting Tool to Cut Jade Plant.

You will need rubbing alcohol to clean the cutting tool so it doesn’t spread bacterial infection on existing plants leaf or stem.

2 . Take A Cutting of Stem or Leaf.

Cut a healthy stem of 4-5 inch or cut a single leaf from the jade plant.

3 . If you Take Stem Cutting, Here is What you need to do.

Remove the leaves bottom leaves from base , It is done so the root can form from the nodes of leaves. It will reduce the time taken to sprout the rooting. 

4 . Make a hole on Soil Using Pencil or Finger.

You have a Pot and prepare its Soil, Now use your finger or Pencil to make a hole for Stem and put your cutting and cover the soil. For Leaf Propagation ,Use your finger and make a small hole and put the base of the leaf there. cover the leaf with soil , don’t cover the whole leaf.

5 . For Leaf Propagation, Use this.

You can use Rooting hormone which is used to reduce the time taken to develop the root , basically it will fast forward the rooting process. Roots will appear early and then start to make stem structure.

6 . Don’t Forgot to Water.

You Need to give them water and don’t overwater them. Keep the soil moist and when it’s developing roots it’s very important for overall root growth.

7 .  Enjoy and Here is How much time it will take.

You have successfully propagate a jade plant. Now you will have a question in mind how much time it starts to develop the roots so basically if this plant gets proper care it will be 2-3 weeks time. else 1 month 10 days.

Jade Plant Pruning

How to Prune a Jade Plant? Jade Plants pruning requires pruners that must be sterilized. Trimming jade plant includes removing dead, brown colored leaves, cutting off Jade branches that grows sideways to make sure it become fuller. Moreover you need to do trim it whenever the space is compacted in pots.

Sometimes we trim jade plant to remove any growing infection, dead leaves that makes it ugly we remove it so it doesn’t look bad.Straight forward answers would be to limit its growth if growing indoors and also to make it free from any pests and diseases.

Pruning or Trimming is done because sometimes infestation of a dangerous pest might occur that just kills the plant or eats its insides and plants that way can’t survive from those diseases.

Powdery mildew is such a disease that first encountered in the leaves section , the slowly it reaches to other parts of the branches and stem and eventually the plant can’t survive with that you may see some symptoms like life was sucked from plants leaves and its shrinking and losing its green pigments , color.

Steps on how to prune a jade plant –

1  . Use a Sterilized tool to Prune Jade plant.

Always use a clean sterilized cutting tool for jade plant pruning as this will protect the cutting and the existing plant from getting any infection.

2 . Find  Diseased leaves , stems.

You need to find pale looking, dry , diseased and unhealthy leaves and branches.

3 . Cut all the unhealthy branches and leaves.

Remove leaves & stems that are unhealthy from the top and don’t prune more than more than 1 inch. What I do is Check whether this needs more pruning or not because I don’t like messy uncontrolled leaves growth so I removed all of them from the top parts.

3 . You can also cut some of the side stems.

Yes you can cut down those stems that are not making new leaves or are unhealthy.

4 . After Pruning , Give them water.

Always give jade plants water after pruning because it fulfills water requirements and it will help them overcome the shock of pruning.

5 . Jade Plant Pruning After Care

Now lastly , take care of your plant , You can also check above care tips to grow these plants easily. Bright light, sometimes direct sun, proper watering, proper fertilizer, pesticide use etc. are some of the things to note down when growing these plants.

When to prune Jade plant?

You can prune it once a year and the best time would be in Spring.

How to know Jade plant needs pruning?

When They are grown over 10-13 inches and with very few branches,  This will make them tilt or bend and this way the plant’s overall growth is impacted. Some people who have young jade plants pruned early that make the plant grow more faster. But basically it was done to make your plant more healthy and encourage its growth. Bugs like mealy and scale can cause it to lose its nutrients and can stop the overall growth of jade plants.

Jade plant care indoors

These plants can grow about 5 feet tall indoors and are very long lived plants as these can tolerate many of the conditions that make them survive the cold winters.

They are basically Shade or partial light plants so they can easily grow indoors and don’t need direct sunlight and can grow in indoor indirect bright light. Winter they can survive at room temperature and it will not grow much in cold climates.

All the growth can be seen in Summer to spring maximum and then reduced in Autumn.

Jade plant care outdoors

Jade plant can be put outside just below the window or near the tree. jade plant are also placed in outdoor patio but needs to put them back indoors in winter to protect jade from freezing temperature. Jade needs to be protected from the pest infestation outside & giving it more water in sunny days would be positive impact on its growth.

Jade plants don’t like direct sunlight so avoid putting them outdoors in a direct light area else you might see leaves getting burned or leaf scorch problem. The best location outdoors can be near the shade or just below the big trees where it can receive indirect sunlight. In Winters Make sure to take them indoors as High humidity can affect them so better care for them and change location. Watering is also reduced and also don’t use fertilizer this time in November to January.

Why is my jade plant leaning?

If your jade’s plants leaves bending or getting tilt this can happen if it doesn’t get proper light or nutrients from soil. Low in light makes this plant truck or branches weak. You can also solve this with pruning some leaves or branches so it can stand and recover, and also shift its location and put it where it gets sufficient light.

Where should I put my jade plant?

The best location is Southeast as it is connected with positive energy and even good fortune means more income or healthy life. Jade plants work both indoors and outdoors. You can place them outside where it receives proper light, indoors they are mostly used for decoration so place them in the South Direction.

What kind of soil does a jade plant need?

I Used the Cactus and succulent soil mix so that it works for jade plants and you can also add extra 10% of all other matter like peat moss , coarse sand & organic matter as this will give additional nutrients that jade soil mix requires. This will benefit your plant and its overall growth.

Does jade plant need direct sunlight?

Jade plants need partial sunlight or can even grow in shade , but it is not advised to grow them in direct sunlight as this may burn the plant leaves or get leaf scorch. You can also give them 1-2 hours direct sunlight before watering it, if your soil is fully dry else don’t water if it’s wet.

What does an overwatered jade plant look like?

Overwatered Jade plant symptoms are yellowing of leaves and it may drop , become soft & dry. You will notice the soil is filled with water and if you take out roots it may show some sign or rotting. Solution would be to put them in sunlight for some hours until water gets dry.

How do I make my jade plant bushy?

Best way to make your jade plant bushy is using pair of pruner to cut off some of its leaves. Pruning will encourage fuller, more burnisher growth in the jade plant. Fluffy jade is everyone’s dream to make it so it looks real charming & has  an eye-catching look indoors. It’s very lucky if plants grow good enough inside the house as it shows growth of life.

Making jade busiher requires use of sterilized pruner to trim the top brown rings shown on the stem or if you don’t find that then do it just like how it’s done in shrub plants to make a shape. Even if you prune the stem it will start to grow more new stems from there.

Are coffee grounds good for jade plants?

According to EPA , Coffee grounds works as a natural fertilizer which can be mixed with soil that basically provides high nitrogen to plants , with compost, soil temperatures rises that kills weeds which makes plant grow beautifully. Many have tried in jade plants more green now.

Do jade plants like small pots?

Yes, Jade plants can easily manage in small pot and also you may be thinking it may get root bound but that makes them more manageable , staying stronger on soil. But yes if you already have 2-3 years grown jade then time to repot it. 

Is Jade plant good for bedroom?

Yes It is believed in Feng shui and Vaastu that jade plants provide good fortune and According to UAEX, These Plants absorb CO2 at night using CAM, a Process in Dark just like Photosynthesis, It also Increases the humidity in surroundings.


Jade Plant not only looks good and easy to maintain but is connect with good fortune. For those who don’t believe in these things can take this plant as decorative purpose because these looks attractive and eye catching. I have used Bonsai version of this plant and it was amazing. I hope you get the answer on ” jade plant care” and if you like to read more such article check below.

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