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If you are searching for how long do calla lilies last then before that let me tell you these plants are type of flowering blooms that come every year and they bloom for some weeks below will talk about in more depth. Calla lilies are popular as well as beautiful, they were entered in everyone’s garden because of the gorgeous bloom that are eye catchy and charming. Lets me explain our main question on How Long Do Calla Lilies Last?

how long do potted calla lilies last?

Potted Calla lily last for 3 to 10 weeks after they first bloom depending on caring needs and environmental factors. Even some calla lily flower variety can stay 10 days in good conditions while others calla blooms last for many weeks like 3-6 weeks. If you live in a zone which is colder then expect the calla lilies to wither early but for warmer temperature zones calla lilies will last till the second last week of summer end. These calla lilies are perennial so they will come back every year, also you need to cut off the wither blooms and dug up the rhizomes/bulbs then we need for spring season. This way we can again grow calla lily through bulbs and multiply them also. Every year they produce more rhizomes, which is the best way to propagate calla lily plants.

For a Flexible climate they can easily enter and live year round but for that to happen it should get good perfect environmental conditions to grow. 

How Long Do Calla Lilies Last
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These plants have specific time to plant and if too late to plant it, then you might not see it blooming in the current year because time is important while dealing with flowering plants.

Potted calla lily can last 8 months of the year and if it has given favorable conditions to live. Providing water, light and fertilizer would help it grow and produce early flowers. Also I would not advise anyone to leaf this plant growing and not caring as it needs to be maintained correctly. Zones ranging from 8 to 11 can grow them as perennial because they can survive those particular zones According to USDA.

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When these calla lilies bloom it represents life, fertility. In Some cases the white calla tells about purity and new beginning while these lilies are used in funerals that make it become a symbol of death. These plants are popular for their beautiful flowers and are also gifted to bring good luck, these are commonly created for bouquets in various ceremonies. 

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Plant Details :

Family  Araceae
Scientific Name  Zantedeschia aethiopica
Native South Africa and Southern Africa
Other Names   Arum lily, Calla lily
Plant Type  Flowering plant/ Rhizome based
Hardiness zone  3 to 10
Bloom Time Summers
Height  1-3 feet(19-36 inches)
Width 1-2 feet(12-24 inches)
Soil   Well draining
Light Requirement  Full Sun to Partial
Fertilizer  Liquid based
Uses  For flowering Purposes
Growth Rate  Slow growing
Flower Colors White, Yellow, coral, pink, violet

Do calla lilies do well in pots?

Calla lilies do will in pots as the potting mix can be changed every year and you can move the pot indoors in winters while those grown in gardens can only be taken out as bulbs. Your potted calla lily needs 9 to 11 inch of pot in diameter which makes the calla lily stand perfectly. 

Potted calla lily is also safe from spread of fungal infection on roots. Also these plants mostly need moist soil but not too soggy which invites rotting. I highly suggest using well draining soil and providing sufficient light to these plants.

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Will potted calla lilies come back every year?

Yes potted calla lilies come back and bloom every year but some varieties of calla plants are not too tolerant and can be called annual because they die back once the frost season starts. In case of potted calla lilies they can be shifted to warm locations but it will not do much; only blooms of calla will appear in summer, not before or after it. Potted calla lilies placed anywhere freely and can provide light at daytime and when night gets too cold you can move them back indoors for warm temperature.

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How do you keep calla lilies blooming?

If you want calla lilies to keep blooming then it is not possible but if you want them to bloom for the whole season then following steps below can help with the tips for keeping calla lilies blooms.

Providing liquid fertilizer that is specially made for flowering plants so the blooms can have vibrant colors.

If you have potted calla lily so make sure to keep them away from cold air, meaning your ac vents or cooling instruments that make the surrounding area freeze more.

Give calla lily enough water and keep soil moist but don’t do excessive watering on your plant and remember calla highly dislikes too much sogginess.

callas lilies are one of the most gorgeous looking flowering plants and they want an adequate amount of parietal light and full sun to grow properly.

Prune leaves, and stem once you see calla lily not growing

Do calla lilies only bloom once?

Yes, calla lilies bloom once every year and can planted back again next year in spring. Calla lilies are given as gifts but Many people misunderstood that these plants bloom for a short period.

What do you do with calla lilies after they bloom?

Your calla lily bloomed so what you should do is to prune all the wither blooms and remove the stem completely from the bulbs. These bulbs are used to propagate my calla lily. 

I reduce watering so it can help the leaves to grow and using fertilizer would also helps to gain early grow of plants. Leaves sometimes turns yellow from green because of the rush.

Do calla lilies rebloom?

Calla lilies can rebloom once they pass the dormant period of about 2 months or so. When they stopped blooming don’t water it, give them and let them wither, once it all dries. Now change its location to some shade area with a balanced temperature(not too cold). After it finishes the time for the dormant period, place it where it was before and now with good light, continue watering again. In a few weeks you may notice new leaves coming and 60-90 days expect the blooms to show up again.

For plants that are in garden can be taken care by taking out the bulb and putting it around moss indoors then these are saved otherwise diseases and fungal infection are common in calla lilies. For garden growing plants can rebloom successfully most of the time but container potted calla lilies may not bloom sometimes or it is hard because we do not have perfect conditions for them to enjoy dormant period.

How long does it take for a calla lily to bloom?

You can expect the calla lily to bloom in 90-150 days after the bulb is planted. It depends on the variety of when they will bloom but most will bloom in a 90 days period and others take a long time to bloom, like 150 days. It also depends on other factors including light, water and potting mix. 

Most possible answer is to when you see calla lily bloom in 90 to 140-150days. Some may say it can be flower early other would question they have foliage but no bloom till 130th day. So it really depends on a lot of factors. 

Do calla lilies bloom continuously?

Calla lilies bloom continuously for 2 months or 3-7 weeks and it depends on the climate change, other relatable factors like light, water. These are perennial plants so it will surely continue to bloom next year and you can see bloom in summers so this is also the time for plants to get fertilizer for further growth.

Final Words

I hope you get the answer on “How Long Do Calla Lilies Last”, when we talk about this flowering plant we know that it has a unique way to preserve and then be planted again next season. But for many plants like roses they bloom again in the same container while calla has different ways to bloom next year otherwise they can be called annuals if not saved for next spring.

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