Autumn Blaze Maple – Grow, Care , Prune, Facts, Diseases [Full Info]

Autumn Blaze Maple is made by hybridizing the 2 most popular trees of American. They are very classic old American maple trees. The names of these trees are Silver Maple Tree and Red Maple Tree. These trees are not just for its appearance and color but also for its dense shade.

Along with the growth & care of this tree , It becomes more and more attractive when it matures. The Autumn Blaze Maple(Acer freemanii) tree is very popular among people in America and Japan because of its size and shape which makes it different from the rest of the trees.

The Color of Autumn Blaze maple tree is orange and crimson red at the time of fall but generally it has green color.

This tree is a great specimen to showcase the student while learning about different types of maple trees . The beauty and the color can be seen in fall season.

When Leaves fall the image we get in our mind is something like shower of flowers happening.

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The newlyweds got attracted to Autumn Blaze Maple’s beauty.

They usually click photos in front of the tree while enjoying the weather and also sitting under the tree.

Background Information

Autumn Blaze Maple is a hybrid of 2 trees that’s why it is not found naturally in the environment. If you want this amazing tree you need to buy it. These trees first propagated then made available to the general public.

The branching of this tree is very dense, and the upper part of it seems to be round and looks like an oval shaped crown. Autumn blaze maple can grow very fast , and the tree grows up to 3 feet in one year, and if it gets proper sunlight and weather is in the right conditions then it will grow Fast.

According to , This Autumn blaze maple tree can reach up to 40-60 feet tall and width can be 40-50 feet long if you properly take care of them.

Silver Maple’s physical strength and its robust health and Red maple’s natural strength can make this Autumn blaze maple grow fast and make it stronger than other trees .

Not only this tree can adapt the soil conditions and also fight diseases.

The leaves of Autumn Blaze maple tree have five-pointed lobes with toothed margin.

In Summers the leaf color is green, and the veins of the leaves are mostly in red color.

As you know, trees which help to reduce the heat in urban islands, If you plant several autumn blaze maple, that is one of the best trees to reduce the heat waves.

Do you Know :

Autumn blaze maple can also be called Freeman Maple because In the year 1993,  Oliver Freeman , US National Arboretum hybridized these 2 trees which are Acer rubrum and Acer saccharinum commonly known by the names red maple and silver maple.

It can grow 3 feet every year and the growth is 4 times faster than Acer rubrum or red maple.

Specification :


Common Name: Autumn Blaze maple

Scientific Name: Acer freemanii

Soil Type : Well drained & fertile

Plant Type: Deciduous tree

Height : 40-60 feet

Zone: 3 to 8

Width : 30-40 feet

Sun Exposure: Direct sunlight or partial shade

Fall Color : Vibrant red

Place of Birth : Red and Silver maple is from North America

Below is the link you can directly buy this amazing maple tree plant.

autumn blaze maple tree

10 Autumn Blaze Maple Tree Cuttings




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(Acer freemanii) Autumn Blaze maple Care

If you like this tree then you probably ready to grow it at your backyard. Also these trees can grow from Wisconsin to central Florida and have adapt to various climates and USDA hardiness zone are 3-8 .

It is very much popular in not only the US but also in other English speaking countries like Canada, Australia and New Zealand. To answer the question on How to Grow Autumn Blaze Maple is requires very little care and makes sure when plants are young its roots need to be moist so it can grow roots further.

No need to use fertilizer for autumn blaze , ground soil is enough for them to grow. If you put it in poor soil it can survive because its parent Silver maple is adapted to it so it can tolerate that soil. No Need to Prune, they don’t like it. Watering is necessary if there is no rainfall in your city for several days.

These plants need full sun for faster growth and in partial sun light the growth can be little less but it will grow perfectly.

Here are steps on how to grow autumn blaze maple :

  • Select soil , you can take ground soil or fertile soil.
  • Dig a hole 4-5 times wide & same with depth so you can put the root ball of the plant.
  • Position the plant and cover the roots with soil.
  • First time watering is important. make sure to give water properly to plant the soil also.

You need to Know some factor before growing autumn blaze maple :


Soil must be the one that drains water well , It saves roots from rotting.


Autumn blaze maple doesn’t need fertilizer when they are young, you can feed them fertilizer after a year.

If You have other older autumn maple then you give them fertilizer of high nitrogen.


In the North ,Full sun can boost autumn blaze maple growth. In the South, partial shade would be useful for plants.


when maple plant are young they need proper water to develop roots. The best thing you can do is to make sure the soil is moist for the first 6 to 8 months , Just like human baby needs mother’s milk for first 6-8 months or at least for an year.

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People have many questions that once the maple tree is planted, then how to take care of it. Friends, before that I should tell you that it is very important to select a right location, in which you start growing the tree.

You can grow this tree at any time of the year, but the best season is considered to be spring or fall. After planting your plant, it need maximum water in the first year of the season. This plant care is easy and they are drought free. These trees withstand the full light of the sun and they adjust in many different soils.

These trees do not have seeds because it is a hybrid plant. In extreme weather, you can give them a frost blanket that can protect them from Chilly Winter.

To tell you about how to care autumn blaze maple is needs good drained soil , that is lightly acidic and high in nutrients. You can also use alkaline soil and mix that with your ground soil.

Lotusmagus tips: cover your plant with mulch that can make your plant roots to be moist for longer time. You Just need 2 inch layer of mulch that will do the job.

Make sure you cover adjacent soil not the truck if you done that mistake than it can attract pets and then disease.

This plant must get water on time & its soil keep it moist. It can stay as wet not that you make it like standing in water. These trees(Acer freemanii) don’t need pruning at least about an year. if you want you can do it by removing dead or crowded branches but it really doesn’t necessary.

Fertilizer can be used before spring and a good fertilizer would be slow release fertilizer.

slow release fertilizer

Slow Release fertilizer

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Fertilizer can be applied on plant surface and the amount of fertilizer 3 pound(lbs) / one thousand square feet.

These trees dislike salt so make sure you do not spill salt near its soil. Also they don’t like cool environment, use frost blanket if they need in winters.

Pest and Disease

Taking good care simply means choosing best location to watering it daily , use of fertilizer if needed. They are the key factors to strengthen the plant. Maple tree can be effected by these 2 insects that are aphids and scale.

You can get rid of these by applying Neem oil, horticultural oil or insecticidal soap. For serious condition use chemical pesticides like carbaryl. Most of the time Fungal infection is the issue in plants that can be prevented using fungicides.

We have Suggested 2 Bonide Neem Oil(Combo) because this is not only used in Autumn blaze maple but also in Many Different trees, shrubs, grasses ,and plants etc.

Insect Pesticide (Neem oil)

Bonide Neem Oil

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People generally use Neem Oil which is organic method to Prevent Pests & some fungal infection and it is used by many gardener around the world.

Why Autumn Blaze Maple is a Amazing Shade Tree?

1. Speed in Growth

This Maple tree Grows Faster than Its Parent tree. Once roots are developed it can grow Faster. It takes an year to grow powerful roots.

2.Vibrant Color

With its Amazing , Vibrant Red Color, This(Acer freemanii) Tree can be the most famous Tree of all, If you live in Northern illinois then probably already saw it many times.

It is known for fall Foliage when Leaves turn into orange red color.

3. Nature Adaptability

Its a hybrid plant so it gets all the capability of its parent plants (red and silver maple). It can grow very well everywhere.

It can be used in urban area where pollution level and heat resides, it can reduce the heat effect and also clears the hard dust of pollution.

4. Disease Resistance

It gets capabilities of red and silver maple so it can resist to disease & some pests.

5. Soil

It can grow on any soil eg. ground soil , potting soil, fertilizer soil  but make sure keep it moist by giving water daily.

People grow these tree in there back yard.

They can then see the growth with their own eyes. Gardening is fun you get to see stages in the life of plants.

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Most Searched Questions

Autumn blaze maple tree problems

The biggest problem comes with autumn blaze maple is when the branches start to break as they get weak with time & harsh storms just add more cracks. This Tree may damage some property if you have a garden that can be spoiled. So early pruning and proper care can fix this issue.

Autumn blaze maple lifespan

Lifespan is over 300 years for red and 100 for silver maple and this one is hybrid of both so it lives for many years but faces issues like iron deficiency  if the leaves are turning yellow and don’t come on next growing season then it must be iron deficient. Call Plant center for iron injection and don’t use liquid based iron , you have to inject iron to the trunk of maple. 

Autumn blaze maple growth rate

It can grow every year feet by feet and about 3-5 feet per year and that can be because of fertilizer and how well the tree grabs the fertilizer in the roots. Even caring can play a big role in its growth. 

Autumn blaze maple tree life expectancy

The hybrid lived for more than 100 years but with the autumn blaze some say it can live upto 7 year other say 11-12 , but the problem it gets is Iron chlorosis which is nothing but iron deficiency, root can take up the iron from Lime soil so you have to either inject the iron direct or call someone for help.

Autumn blaze maple roots

The roots can reach up to 40 feet in round shape, even you may see the roots coming upward near the tree. If roots are above ground and by mistake they get damaged then the whole tree gets affected but yes it can recover as well easily. It’s a Hybrid of red and silver maple but one is invasive and other is not, but one thing is definitely that it will still give a maintenance cost when it’s overgrown.

Autumn blaze maple vs October glory

October glory maple is the same size when compared to autumn blaze but That one has faster growth with red flowers in it.

Autumn blaze maple price

These maple trees are best growers and the price varies according to its size like a 4-5 feet maple can be priced at $95 to $120+ while the trees which are tall 5-6 feet are sold at $118 to $140. These price ranges can change with time and I can’t comment on whether these still stay , They might reduce or they may go up it’s up to the seller. I have Provided Links If you want you can buy it , Check latest price at & etsy. 

Full Grown Autumn blaze maple

These are hybrid ones and can grow about 40-50 feet tall in height. Yes I am Talking about full grown autumn blaze maple , and It spreads almost 30 feet. I have read many articles on these and some say it can spread more than 10 feet. The trees have a long life if they get a perfect environment , else can be easily grown to 7 years long if was protect against disease.

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October glory vs Autumn Blaze

First Let me tell you about October glory, which is the cultivator of acer rubrum(red maple) , and why it also has red leaves. The other one as you know is Autumn blaze which again is a hybrid of 2 variety Acer and freemanii ) has the same foliage color , also it can grow in different environments easily. Both follow the same height and difference is one of them can grow in much warm climates and the other one can handle colder places.

  1. October Glory can grow in the more warm USDA hardiness zone 4-9 while Autumn blaze can grow in the Cold zone from 3-8.
  2. October glory has height of 40-50 feet with 35-35 feet width while autumn blaze is about 40-45 feet grower and can spread about 30-40 feet.
  3. Autumn Blaze growth rate is faster than the October glory.
  4. Autumn variety can tolerate cold and dry climate while October variety has its limits.
  5. Autumn blaze has no issue with soil being on high clay while October glory can’t handle high acidic Soil and might develop chlorosis.
  6. Autumn blaze needs much bigger space than October glory.


How tall do autumn blaze maple trees grow

According to Arborday.Org , Autumn blaze maple can grow about a height of 44 to 50 feet tall and spreads up to 34-40 foot. This can grow much faster than other similar kind of trees.  It can tolerate many of the temperature conditions and even bad soils.

Do Autumn Blaze maple trees have helicopters

Yes this Autumn blaze maple tree does germ helicopter seeds and also one other maple tree which is sienna glen can do that as well. There are different maple tree versions which can only be grown by hybrid and you don’t find it anywhere. They are seedless and only available in some stores.

How fast does a autumn blaze maple grow

Its surprising to know that It can grow bigger every year about 3 feet and Autumn blaze maple is the fastest growing tree and its growth rate is amazing compared to other maple trees, it means you will be seeing a full big tree in 4 to 5 years.

this make this tree a fast grower, you may find beautiful colors after 5 years of wait.

Autumn blaze maple growth chart

It will grow 3-5 feet per year, depending on how you fertilize it and how good the plant food is given, How often provided fertilizer and also how well the draining, How well it receives enough light. Warmer Places have Better growth rate than Colder Region.

Are Autumn Blaze maple roots invasive

Many Maple trees just like autumn blaze have seen root invasion when people start to sidewalk over the roots and damage it. Sometimes the drain system can affect its root prone to many pests and diseases.

How close to the house can you plant an autumn blaze maple

Autumn blaze maple should not be close to 35-50 feet as this tree grows tall and spreads much more. Also it grows faster so you will be taking space.

How long do Autumn Blaze maple trees live

It depends on the climate as this tree can live longer in cold climates and also nearby rivers where it gets sufficient water. Autumn Blaze Live 4-7 years and you will see its growth about 9-12 feet in just 4 years of time.

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How do I prune an autumn blaze maple tree

Pruning every 6 months is required because autumn blaze maple(Acer freemanii) can have some dead leaves and weak branches which can be limiting its growth. Pruning this tree can also help to provide most of the leaves’ food as they will get sunlight after the top layer is light pruned. Also You should Trim any new truck coming out of the Trees Stem it was limiting its growth.

Do deer eat autumn blaze maple trees

This Tree can tolerate many things including Drought conditions. It attracts bees and nesting birds but is deer resistant.

Is Autumn Blaze Maple a hard maple

No, it’s not hard but soft maple Tree and it is made by hybridizing silver and red maple which are soft maple. Autumn blaze(Acer freemanii) gets both maple traits and is very fast growing Tree. Soft in the sense it can be damaged when Thunder and wind storm comes , but it doesn’t mean that it is a weak tree its not.

Is Autumn Blaze a sugar maple

No it’s not, don’t be confused with scientific names. Autumn blaze maple tree is hybrid of Acer saccharinum and acer rubrum. When we talk about sugar maple its scientific name is Acer saccharum , and its name is quite similar to Silver maple which is Acer saccharinum So don’t be confused with names.

Why is my autumn blaze maple turning red in summer

This Issue arises when the maple tree feels iron deficiency and doesn’t keep up to its growth , turns red. This Problem arises because of high amount of pH(more than 7) Alkaline present in Soil which caused the iron chlorosis. To get rid of this issue your soil need to be acidic(below 7 pH) so you can add acidifying nitrogen , organic mulches or iron sulfate , any of these to increase iron in soil.


In my Suggestion this Tree is by far best and why i am saying this is that the foliage , leaves pattern, whole look , even we can see from far away it looks amazing to be in anyone’s house. This is the best Tree to take home.

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