Orange Star Plant Poisonous – Is This Toxic to Cats?

If you are searching for whether an orange star plant is poisonous or not then before that let me tell you it is a wonderful flowering plant mostly used in religious functions and gatherings. This plant also known by the name Star of Bethlehem or Ornithogalum umbellatum please note that some website like ASPCA have mention another variety called Guzmania lingulata minor or Orange star to be non toxic to dogs, cats but that plant family is different and our orange star belongs to Liliaceae, even called by the name Ornithogalum ‘Sun Star’. Lets know more about the toxicity of this plant.

Is Orange Star Plant Poisonous?

Yes, Orange star plant might be poisonous because star plant comes in genus called Ornithogalum which is termed as Poisonous. Orange star and all the other plants that belong to this genus are harmful and their bulb contains cardenolides and alkaloids that are harmful and toxic in nature. Even some plants are used so the grazing animals won’t come to eat the grown vegetables. The orange star plant genus is so poisonous that an animal can die from it. 

Many bigger websites are also claiming that the orange star is poisonous if ingested by animals or children, all parts including leaves, bulbs are toxic.

orange star plant toxic

According to the Division of Agriculture, University of California A plant named Star-of-Bethlehem or Ornithogalum spp. is added in Major toxicity class one because it can be fatal, cause serious problems or take lives if not properly prevented from pets like cats and dogs.

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According to Michigan State University Extension, This plant should be avoided and placed far away from the pet cat or dog as the leaves and bulbs are highly poisonous. Keeping these perennial flowering plants away would make your pets safe.

With my experience of getting orange star on Easter(actually it was gifted by my friend) and grown among other flowering plant it was the one that is shining, looks amazing but I put them near window and my cat is always tries to go near the window i was worried weather as she can jump and do all the mess and spoils the blooms. One day I saw my cat just smell the plant. That day I thought I didn’t even check if it was a poisonous plant or safe. So I searched the whole internet and found nothing about this particular Ornithogalum dubium(star of Bethlehem). 

Orange Star Plant toxic to cats

But I didn’t stop so by doing so much research I got to know about the genus that means plants similar according to their characteristics and features. So then i found it could be harmful for my minny so to prevent this I actually changed the location of my orange star in another room where my cats don’t usually sit for long. I even closed the door to prevent my cat from going near the orange star. 

I highly recommend the advice given by the UCANR that make sure to call the poison control center for any help regarding your toxicity, because this has serious issues if ingested.   

orange star plant poisonous

Are star flowers poisonous to dogs?

Star flowers are poisonous to dogs as this plant is termed as toxic and all parts including leaves and stem are toxic. I suggest you keep the sun star away from your pets. 

I put my star flower plant in a separate room and it doesn’t have access to my dog.

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Are orange star plants poisonous to dogs?

ASPCA given this plant tag as non toxic to dogs, cats but we are talking about the orange star plant or Star of Bethlehem, even agriculture division of California university has given this plant major toxic tag and its genus variety have all toxicity so I recommend your dog should stay away from this plant.

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Is orange star Cat Safe?

Is orange star Cat Safe

Orange star is toxic to cats and it is not safe, as this belongs to Ornithogalum genus which has many plants that are termed as toxic and we can’t say this is not being toxic. Yes this plant looks amazing but preventing the cats from going and playing with this plant is necessary. 

Many pets like cats or dogs do have a bite if they don’t get food in time, or sometimes just by taking a smell they eat it and causing issues in their stomach so the genus this plant belongs to is not safe and major level poisonous.

Wrap UP

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