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Polka Dot Plant Become Leggy – Here Is How I Solve This

Polka dot plants are cute and sometimes dramatic , they act like they are dead but after giving water they get back and stand. Maintenance of this plant can be tricky but yes it’s easy to grow them in bright light.

One Such problem like polka dot plants become leggy with time once they mature and start growing tall. You can always cut the top stems that are going downward or getting leggy. By pruning this encourages polka dot to grow more compact. Also put your plant in partial shade as this plant definitely not getting enough light and do trim and make it bushy not tall. You can also propagate these prune off stems in a new pot if they are 3-5 inch long. Use your hand to pinch off some of those long branches. They will grow back once they receive bright light so don’t think if they are becoming leggy.

Some people suggested cutting the lower branches connected to the leggy stem but guys, the tips are what you need to prune little by little. If you do that, your polka dot plant will show bushy growth , else this unknown growth can kill your plant.

polka dot plant leggy Hypoestes phyllostachya
Vinayaraj, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Polka Dot Plant Indoor Care

These plants are basically indoor growers and roots of this plant grow very quickly if they get an ideal environment. These plants have leggy growth where they have flowers but there’s no use of purple flowers if it makes the whole plant suffer. You can remove the flowers by pinching them off as they also absorb the energy which is going for the stem and leaves.

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Indoors you need to put polka dot plants in bright light locations where it only gets enough filtered or indirect light. Don’t place your lovely plant near the direct sun as it can burn the leaves. If you are using a large pot then you can also grow them outdoors in shade.

Did you know polka dot can lose its green foliage color if they don’t get proper light, you may notice the leaves turning light green that’s the indication of light deficiency. Putting them on indirect light can solve this issue.

Also Lastly I advice you to keep checking its growth and often pinch off its stem so it doesn’t have any leggy growth. this is the major concern on these plants.

Polka dot plant Problems

If your plant ever face any pest infestation then use pesticide or neem oil to get rid of them. For Fungal disease always use your finger to check water moisture and don’t overwater your plants.

Read polka dot plant care guide and propagation.

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