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Polka Dot Plant Pruning – How to Trim Back Hypoestes phyllostachya

If you are searching for Polka Dot Plant Pruning so before that let me tell you Hypoestes phyllostachya or Polka dot plant is a shrub based flowering plant having dots or spots on the leaves which makes it look unique. It is a member of the Acanthaceae Family and it belongs to Madagascar. Breeders have made different foliage polka dot’s varieties including pink , green , white, purple. Read on polka dot plant pruning:

It is necessary because of two reasons: one is polka dot plant become leggy once they are old and sometimes it is because of low light and they start to reach to the point where it has light rays so it stretches its stem out. secondly polka dot becomes taller and it should be pruned back to make it more compact & bushy. For Healthier growth and Strong Stem you need to trim the node where there are too many leaves growing and from that part more branches will pop out.

Polka dot plant Pruning

Many people have similar questions whether to do pruning in polka dot plant or not? The answer is you should do it to make your polka dot more compact and bushy. It encourages the plant to make new branches that are strong and it makes the plant healthy and to avoid any legginess. Pruning can be done anytime of the year but growing seasons like spring or summer can make the stem grow back faster.

Initially when doing polka dot plant pruning check the stem node where many leaves are growing, cut back that so that the node will produce more stems that leads to more bushier growth of our plant. These plants are grown faster in both outdoors and indoors. Outside they may become bigger compared to indoors as more indirect light plants are getting, it can reach to 2-3 feet tall in height. Also You can trim back to make it compact anytime. 

Did you know where you make a cut , it will grow 2 more branches there. So Pruning increases the life of the plant, and it also removes the diseased part of the plant. Also the pruned stem can also be used in polka dot plant propagation, and it is easy to do it using potting soil or water both works.

Polka Dot Plant Pruning - How to Trim Back Hypoestes phyllostachya
Sanjay Acharya, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Polka dot plant Care

The most important care is when growing indoors they need to be put in 60-70 degree F that is the ideal temperature for them. Pruning can be done if polka dot plant become taller. Focus should be on more bushier growth rather than taller. Use pesticide if any mealybugs get into the plant. Control watering in the soil , the idea is to make it moist not soggy that avoids the problem of rot rotting. 

Polka dot varieties

Cultivator are the one who tried making polka dot different foliage version and all are unique peice of plants and looks just fantabulous. Here is the list with names.

  1. phyllostachya ‘Red Splash’, green and red
  2. phyllostachya ‘White Splash’, green and white
  3. phyllostachya ‘Pink Splash’, green and pale pink
  4. phyllostachya ‘Confetti Blush, white veined olive green
  5. phyllostachya ‘Camina’ with dark green leaves and carmine red

Wrap Up

I Hope you get the solution by reading all the problems I provided on “polka dot plant pruning “, If you want to see other posts please check below.

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