Red Lotus Flower And Tattoo (Meaning and Symbolism )

Red Lotus Flower Meaning – Red lotus flower is a symbol of love, romance, joyful feelings, and happiness. The common lotus flowers are sacred to the Hindu goddess Lakshmi and is associated with the color of wealth and prosperity. They are also associated with good luck and are a popular flower in many Asian countries. The color red is often a representation of passion and love.

Red color is something that can show many different perspectives. 

Some people believe that red color defines negativity, bad, anger, evil while many other people think that it can be associated with love as we have seen on valentines day where red roses are popular and giving a flower while bending on your knees is a special thing. It is what A MAN DOES WHO HE LOVES HER FROM THE BOTTOM OF HIS HEART.

red lotus flower meaning

In comparison to red lotus, a white color lotus is associated with pureness and beauty. It can show virginity and a new beginning of life. It also shows the character of a person who is emotional and innocent, pure from heart. These people trust everybody and may get heartbroken if they get betrayed.

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The original lotus is in white color while the red one is different from this as it is associated with many other things that I will explain more in this article.

Mainly red has attracted only the negative side because as you know all the devils in the movies have red roses or red flowers in their hands. But many believed that red is also a color of energy, passionate love and romance. On the positive side red is somethings that used to be something related to anger but in wrestling you need this anger to win which result in fame when you won the match. It’s also a color of heat and energy which is needed when you want to be in 1st position in a marathon just like Usain bolt.

Many big scholars say that happiness comes from inside but people seek for it outside, it’s in you and it’s in nature.

Red gives energetic feelings, happiness, emotions and much more. Red is also a color of class and authority.

Red color is also linked with war because war only leads to losses. Red is a color of blood when it circulates in our body, it produces energy in us. This color has universal acceptance and that’s why many people even tattooed their arms and chest with the red flowers as it shows emotions of people for example love, feelings, desire and much more.

Red is very commonly used between lovers and this color makes it more deep in different occasions.  Modern people used to give teddies that are red, roses, gifts that are wrapped in red ribbon and much more. 

The psychological meaning of this red color can be attraction to the physical body of the partner. It is actually the love which attracts but physical touch and things that people do gives them more chance to feel one another.

The positive approach that stimulates the lovers in romance, love and understanding. That’s why it is most charming and popular among couples as well as life partners. It is used in weddings, valentines day, honeymoons, proposals and much more. 

On wedding occasions there are a mix of all the colors like red, pink , white which adds up the sweetness, purity of the function. It is often associated with a fresh start of new life, togetherness, innocence, love, happiness and beauty.

If there is a fight between lovers then the red may represent aggression, hate, negative feeling, sadness and anger towards the other person. If this color mixes with the color black then it even makes the anger turn into dominance, hate turns into violence. 

Although what I above talk about is negative emotions of red color while it does show destruction at the larger level just like a war.

A Disorder called Anorexia, which makes people fear about gaining weight. This results in weight loss which in turns makes them happy and feel better about not gaining weight. It is an eating disorder that makes them take a low carb diet & not eat enough. Many people think that the color red is something that encourages people to make them hungry. Many studies suggest that if someone who has this problem is taken inside a room with a red wall painted then their appetite or what i call it the hunger might return to normal. But it’s just a theory that it works or not. 

The red color may cause fear in some while it can induce anger in many people. Red is used in traffic lights to stop people. That’s how important it is when giving out something important. Red color have something that makes the focus on everyone into that color. Its like our mind which suddenly get caution to something.

Let’s now return to our topic.

Red Lotus Flower Meaning

Red lotus flower is a symbol of love, romance, joyful feelings, and happiness. The common lotus flowers are sacred to the Hindu goddess Lakshmi and is associated with the color of wealth and prosperity. They are also associated with good luck and are a popular flower in many Asian countries. The color red is often a representation of passion and love.

Red lotus flower symbolizes love, innocence, sensitivity and compassion. The meaning of red lotus also relates to romance, hate, anger and vitality. 

  • Red color has two sides, one is positive and the other one is negative. It’s a kind of love and hate relationship. This means that sometimes it shows the passionate love for their partner and other times it shows the hateful feelings towards their love. Nowadays the meaning has become more clearer. 
  • Today we celebrate many occasions such as valentines day where you see red roses gifted to the love. In Different cultures there is a tradition to wear red dress for the wedding and it is marked as a symbol of purity.  
  • Often the red lotus flower is described as a symbol of war, aggression, anger and violence. While It is true that it shows romance, excitement and true feelings of love.
  • There are so many varieties of lotus flowers present in this world and each comes with different traits. They may be good or bad. It all depends on how you will use the meaning of it. 
  • Giving a red lotus signifies the love and heart feelings.  

Ancient Egyptians also grow these lotus flowers because of the colors that are somehow connected to their culture and traditions. History of Egypt also includes white and blue lotus as they are special and naturally grown in rivers and ponds. In Egypt the lotus is also a symbol of rebirth and it’s also their national flower. Lotus not only beautiful but has the mesmerizing interests that how it opens its petals in sunlight and closes down in dark.

here you can see the red lotus lake:

Red lotus flower benefits

The red lotus flower is a beautiful flower with a lot of benefits. It has been used in many different cultures for centuries to help with anxiety, insomnia, and depression. The red lotus flower also helps with migraines and headaches. There are also many other benefits of the red lotus flower that you can find online.

The red lotus flower is a beautiful flower that can be seen throughout Asia. The flower has many benefits, and one of them is that it helps your digestion. The red lotus flower also helps with pain relief and has a calming effect. It is a good idea to keep a red lotus flower in your room to help you sleep better at night.

The red lotus flower is native to the Indian subcontinent. The red lotus has been used for centuries to treat a variety of ailments including heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. This flower has been shown to have powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Its therapeutic benefits are derived from its potent alkaloids that are found in the petals and roots of the plant.

Red lotus flower tattoo

A red lotus flower tattoo is a bold choice that symbolizes many things. The lotus flower has been a symbol of peace and love for centuries. It also symbolizes rebirth, as the flower floats on water and continues to bloom no matter how many times it is submerged. The red lotus is a symbol of royalty, as it is the national flower of Thailand. This flower is also a powerful symbol of female sexuality because it grows out of mud and the color red is often associated with the feminine.

For a tattoo that represents strength, power, and beauty, the red lotus flower is the perfect choice. This beautiful flower is a symbol of love and rebirth, which is why it’s often found in artwork depicting couples. The red lotus flower is also a symbol of spiritual awakening, which is why it’s sometimes called the “flower of immortality.” The red lotus is also a symbol of luck because it blooms at night, when most other flowers are asleep. In Hinduism, the red lotus is considered a sacred flower and one of the few flowers that can represent both male and female.

The red lotus flower tattoo is a beautiful design with a deep meaning. It’s often associated with love and protection, but it’s also related to the lotus flower that blooms in muddy water and grows from the mud. This tattoo is said to represent rebirth and rejuvenation.


Red lotus flower in Different Country and Religions


Lotus is very special flower in india. It is the national flower and the red color is used for respectful marriage and bonds of togetherness throughout life. In India, the largest religion is Hinduism and their female hindu brides wear red costumes which is so attractive as I have attended many such occasions. They have a big fat marriage party where more than 300-500 people gather to bless the couples. This tradition is deeply enacted in India that nowadays many culture women used to wear red dress in their weddings. Most of the brides sisters even have red or a combination of red color wear on her sister’s wedding. This color has deep connections to their religion that’s why it’s unique to their weddings and different occupations.


In Chinese traditions, the lotus is associated with Buddhism. It is the color of capital, prosperity, happiness and wealth. Many Chinese brides wear red costumes which look fantastic. White is very common in Christian weddings while red has been given important due to the decades of tradition practices. In Chinese new year, a traditions where money packets are given are all red in color. So it’s also important for their festivals.


Hinduism is the oldest religion & here married women’s wear red bangles on their hands and red bindi on their forehead. Even the sindoor they wear on their head signifies that she is a married woman. The Bindi which tells about the third eye. These eyes don’t see material but see the divine of the world. Many of the goddess and gods wear bindi and that makes it more important for the people as well. There is a scientific saying that the bindi on the forehead strengthens the concentration of the women. 


Kuan Yin is a Buddhist goddess of mercy in china. The proper name of the goddess is Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara which is a major deity and they are representative as female. But in India and Srilanka the gender of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara is male according to their cultural beliefs. There is an image of Kuan Yin sitting on the red lotus.

The Buddist believes that the lotus is associated with purity of body, mind and speech. 

It also means to get enlightenment & the flower is very precious in this religion.


The Red lotus : Beautiful & Cultural

Mostly when anyone heard about the red lotus, then the first thought comes to the mind is whether this flower exist or not? 

Red lotus that has been important is many cultures and has used over the world. Nowadays It’s not rare to see a red lotus as there are places where it can be found.  

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