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Weeping Cherry Tree – Care Tips, Fertilizer, Pruning, Intresting Facts

Weeping Cherry Tree is the first one to bloom when the spring season comes. These trees are very popular in nursery and among people, from whom everyone wants to buy. It blooms in the spring season because at the moment its branches are covered with pink and white flowers.

Weeping cherry tree information – This tree is in a very different size range, from 6 foot to 60 foot or you 2 m to 12 m. Also let me tell you that here we have to take care of the tree properly, it is very likely that the new Gardner’s tree dies quickly because they stop checking on that tree on a daily basis. If you move this tree from one place to another, then it goes away after its failure, because it makes the effect on the roots which can be due to lack of water or more heat when the plants are young.

so you should be watering it daily when its dry. The beauty of this tree is its branches that come forward and white flower looks like an elegant little specimen in the tree. If you are a Gardner, then you will fall in love with such a cute look when the tree produces its bloom. These plants are not inexpensive.

Yes you heard me right they are expensive but it is worth growing them as they are very beautiful. Rich makes us think how nature gives us blessing with this amazing beautiful tree. These Trees are mostly loved by everyone, In Japan people sit under these amazing cherry trees(Prunus Pendula) and enjoy the weather , eat fresh food and feel the air around the tree gives them sleep but a very good sleep.

Additional Information

If you are looking for some plants for your big garden I must say you should stop looking and take one cherry tree for your garden. I am sure you will love it and even if any neighbor visits you they will be happy by seeing this amazing tree

and here I will be giving some amazing tips and tricks on how you can grow and care for the plant. This Cherry tree has 2 parts in it. one is root and one is trunk in which the first is the root and the second is the trunk, both together are called root stock. his plant is the fastest growing if proper sunlight is given.

An alternative hybrid variant is the weeping portion of the plant or the “top graft”. The White Weeping Cherry , The Pink Higan Cherry Tree and the Snow fountain  are among these variants.


Family Rosaceae
Scientific name Prunus subhirtella
Native Canada and North America
USDA Hardiness Zone 4,5,6,7,8
Width 15-25 feet
Height 20-30 feet
Light Full Sun
Soil Fertile and well drained
Water every 3rd day if Hot Climate
Fertilizer Liquid based
Growth rate Depends but mostly 10-12inch /year
Uses For beauty and attract birds

2 Weeping Cherry Tree - ( prunus x yeodensis shidare yoshino )

2 Weeping Cherry Tree – ( prunus x yeodensis shidare yoshino )

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How to Grow Weeping Cherry Tree

To grow a weeping cherry tree(Prunus Pendula) it needs proper planning. The first thing that you have to do is to see the place where to plant that tree, where it can get proper sunlight and good quality soil. when I say proper sunlight it means 7-8 hours a day that way it can grow faster keep in mind you should see if the soil gets dry you should water it.

To Grow Weeping Cherry Tree you need to keep checking it regularly , care is necessary. It can grow in any season and also in any region whether you are in southern , northern , western religion having -9 degree temperature.

You selected the best location, Now Make a big hole that is double the width of the root of the tree, this will help the root of the tree to grow. After that, plant your cherry tree and put the soil in it and cover the soil above the root, then after that put water so that the soil sits properly. Take the mulch and pour around the soil so that the roots can get a starting moisture to grow. Here is some tips on how to grow weeping cherry blossom :

Avoid Deep Hole

If you dig the plant too much, it can make the root wet all the time which gets spoiled because of over water in the roots that can lead to rotting of roots and lead to plant dies.

Light, Water, Soil

It is very important to understand that weeping cherry blossom needs water and also you need to care for long term of this plant. You will be aware if water is need or not to plant when you put a finger in the soil and if the soil is dry then it needs water and if it’s not no need. With this, you can give water to the plant 2 times in a week, if you have kept it at a place where sunlight comes for 2-3 hours.

When you feel that the soil is dry then you pour water. You have to pour water 1 time in the winter in 2-3 weeks, because the plant does not need much water during the winter time.

Fertilizer for weeping cherry tree

According to diynetwork.com it states that Weeping Cherry Tree should be given low nitrogen fertilizer once every passing year. Fertilizer is used for its growth and other nutrition that a plant needs. Also you can use organic mulch around the soil of the cherry tree so it retains moisture and it gives you relief as that way you don’t need to water it regularly and water can be given 2 times a week only.

low nitrogen fertilizer



Weeping Cherry Tree Care

Here are tips on how to care weeping cherry tree :

  • If you see any issue in your plant only then use insecticidal, Organic Neem solutions.
  • In time of winter and snow, if temperatures go down -10 degrees then use a frost blanket(used for plant care ,it is made of polypropylene material which can create heat inside of it) to get rid of coldness.
  • Only give water to weeping cherry tree when soil dries out.
  • Mulch needed around the soil to retain the roots moisture.
  • Use fertilizer which is compost , mix it in soil , it is very good for flowers & shrubs.
  • Lastly, pruning is necessary for Weeping Cherry Tree only when you see damaged branches and drought flowers.

When to plant weeping cherry tree

Most people have this question in mind and let me tell you the best time to plant weeping cherry tree is the spring season before the leaves come out and you can transplant it in fall. You should give plant consistent care like giving water , put it in good soil.

Also how you care for your plant is the most important thing you should remember. In summer it needs more attention as it requires more water because of excessive sunlight if your plant gets 6-8 hour direct sunlight.

Weeping cherry tree Growth rate

Growth rate for this amazing tree is about 23-24 inch in a year from 12 inch. These trees get a height of 20-26 feet depending on the varieties. These not only grow bigger but thrives year by year giving beautiful foliage and blooms.

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Types of weeping cherry tree

It come with a range of varieties , the thing which makes them different is their size and color of blossom. It can be pink and white in color and the cutest one is white. 

Here is Different Types of Weeping Cherry Tree :

Dwarf Weeping Cherry Tree

Dwarf weeping cherry tree is one of those with small gardens as these trees are smaller in size and they blossom very late but it’s amazing when it blooms for the first time. These trees are used for decorative purposes and have lots of flowers in the spring season and they never give any fruit. Its flowers are white in color.

Dwarf snow fountain weeping cherry tree for sale / Home depot :



Snow Fountain Weeping cherry Tree

These trees produce white flowers and as the name suggests it looks like a white river fountain and snow fountain weeping cherry tree care is similar to the weeping cherry tree but here you need to understand that it needs proper maintenance when pests and diseases spoils its branch and leaves.

Double Weeping Cherry Tree

According to gardenia.net, It is an Ancient variety of Weeping Cherry Tree that came into existence in the 17th century. Double weeping cherry tree is one of most pretty and amazing weeping trees comes in deep pink color.

Higan Weeping Cherry tree

Flowering weeping cherry is known by every gardener who has interests in flowers and trees. Very popular in Japan flowering cherry with full sized cherry blossom and comes in both the color of pink white and deep pink. According to thespruce.com many times some Japan’s cherry tree looks like a weeping cherry tree because it dropped some branches.

Japanese Weeping Cherry Tree Sizes

It Comes in various sizes depending on variety. Dwarf Cherry Trees are 8 foot in height. According to nps  Full Grown Cherry Trees can reach from 20 to 40 feet high. According to bellarmine  some Prunus subhirtella Cherry Tree can grow more than 10 feet when matured.

Weeping Cherry Tree Pruning

First let me ask why we need to prune it? So the basic answer is give it shape and style and to avoid its branches to make an unruly pattern which looks ugly. Also it is very difficult to prune it when the tree matures so a good habit you can take is to prune it from time to time.

Here are the instructions on to follow when pruning :

1. Get rid of Suckers and small grass growing at base of the tree.

First snip off or clear the suckers near the tree , they look bad in front of the cherry tree and make it ugly.  These suckers also eat the fertilizer you provide to the tree so make sure they are clean from the circle of the trunk.

2. Search for Dead and diseased branches & leaves.

Find the dead leaves that are making your tree look ugly and slowing down its growth. Cut down the branches which are affected by diseases like black knot fungus , you can use fungicide to get rid of it. Also if you see any canker appear on the wood prune it immediately as this may spread to other branches , trunk and roots as well and make the cherry tree spoil and then dead.

3. Give Shape By Trimming

Give your cherry tree a good shape so that it looks good , many people give them a pyramid shape and to make it you can prune it from upright and don’t cut the top area , only prune the sides of the top.

4. Check Water logging Near the Tree.

Watering can be one thing you do it consistently but keep in check whether the bottom of the weeping cherry blossom gets dry , if it’s not then water logging is happening because of the sand , stone or maybe grass that is making it harder to dry the area.

5. Clean the Area.

Tree grows healthy if the area they grow is clean , Removing any dropped leaves and soggy mulches can be useful against prevent any disease formation. You can use fresh mulch for better moisture. Cleaning also gets rid of pests and improves plant life.

6. Immediate actions.

I advise you to act fast whenever you see any disease or may be pests , as caring is the one that can make this cherry tree grow healthier. Use of pesticide or fungicide can be a solution and issues like cankers can be removed by pruning that it why it is effective and if timely trimmed then we can save our beautiful tree.

7. Enjoy & Take after care.

As many of us are beginners and we are not professional people so even if you did mistake in pruning it is not a big deal as cherry trees are best fast growing so they can regrow its branches in no time. Don’t worry and Enjoy the pruning as much as you are helping your very own tree to get better and grow bigger.

It is necessary to make sure our plant looks to grow in height and not grow from beneath.

Lotusmagus.com Notes: Same as doing hand sanitize everyday so that the virus can get removed , during pruning in plants Always Sterilize your Tool before pruning as it will make sure your plant doesn’t get any bacteria , virus which can make your plant health worse.

I have Suggested 2 in 1 Pest and fungus control organic Neem Oil :

Insect Pesticide (Neem oil)

Bonide Neem Oil

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Weeping Cherry Tree Propagation

Propagating a Prunus subhirtella(weeping cherry blossom) can be done using its root cutting but only use cutting which are healthy not diseased spoiled one. You can Take about 5-6″ cutting and if you see leaves on the top portion then don’t cut them. Now Dip the base in rooting hormone to make sure it rapidly starts making more roots. use Well drained soil and put this cutting.

Water it and place this in indirect light location because for root development it needs moisture more than sunlight. You can also put a plastic bag over the pot and make small 2 ,3 holes in plastic for plant to get air. In about 3-5 weeks you may see some growth that is the sign of root formed. Now you can shift it to a bigger container or place it in ground where it can get full sunlight.

Do Weeping Cherry Tree produce fruit?

It produces cherry in the summer season. So the question is Do Japanese Weeping Cherry Tree produce fruit? Yes, According to bbc.org many cherry trees produce fruit but that are not edible by humans because of its taste which is kind of sour (acidic or vinegar like taste). Also the cherry size is very small that’s why it is eaten by birds , also  birds make their nest there.

Weeping Cherry Tree Fertilizer

Just as a person needs food, along with water and other nutrients that help our body to fight the virus outside, similarly Japanese weeping cherry tree also need food so that they can get nutrients. Fertilizer for weeping cherry tree is a need for its overall growth pattern and as you know it strengthen the core means the main trunk which is the stem between base and the secondary branches.

Weeping Cherry blossom needs fertilizer to grow, to give fruit, to fight the outside pests in various seasons. Newly plants grow best when feeded with fertilizer. Nutrients that are present in fertilizer are potassium , phosphorus and nitrogen. It can help plants grow faster , increase leaf production when fertilizer is applied so I used to give them for their better growth.

It makes the Tree more healthy. It can be in granular type or liquid or stake type. It can be applied to the soil surface of plants. These types of fertilizer require immediate watering on soil because it can burn plants, if not watered.

Best fertilizer for weeping cherry tree is  low-nitrogen fertilizer for my weeping cherry tree & I suggest you can apply that too , even many have suggest it also.. Example 5-10-10  or 10-10-10 equal quantity NPK value for your tree is best to apply on cherry trees ,make sure to apply it one month before the spring. In summer it is the growing time for this blossom so take good care to see weeping Japanese cherry in upcoming years.

NOTE: Remember don’t give your cherry tree high-nitrogen fertilizer which leads to spoiling your plant as it can make your plant’s roots rot faster.

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Weeping Cherry Tree Facts

Weeping cherry is intresting and people those who have this tree wanna know more about this amazing tree. I have mentioned about 12 facts on weeping cherry tree  :

  1. They produce fruit – small cherries but it is not for us as it is sour in taste.

  2. Mostly Planted near water – these trees require water for consistent growth.

  3. Home to Japan – These trees originate from Japan and you will find these trees in every city in Japan.

  4. Grow to 40 feet tall – Draft tree can grow 10-12 feet but normal weeping tree can grow much bigger.

  5. Not for temperature – These trees are not made up for winter where you find temperature below -10 degree.

  6. produces light pink flowers that are unique to this tree.

  7. Weeping Cherry tree blossom for a month maximum but sometimes only 2 week that is very short time period for a cherry tree, but as we know what makes it unique if it blooms in all seasons.

  8. Most of the Trees live for 30-40 years.

  9. ephemeral- this word is used to denote the short period of time when the cherry blossoms.

  10. Shows 3 colors – first time blossom shows light pink color, most of the time it shows dark pink in bud and after time passes it starts colored in pale pink or white.

  11. fives times more petals per flower on cherry esplanade .

  12. With the effect on Climate change , Blossoms can happen early each year.

Using fertilizer can make it more healthy and long term growing so if you haven’t purchase any plant food for this weeping cherry tree then do so so it keep growing I have mentioned some of the best fertilizer specially for cherry trees.

If you want to grow Properly Cherry Tree You have to Care for them as well. just Like I do in my all plants.

Weeping Cherry Tree Scientific name

Japanese Weeping Cherry Tree has scientific name called Prunus subhirtella or in short you can refer it as “Pendula”. In Japan it was Prunus pendula which is there native tree similar to this, as there are too many variety name are very similar that anyone can get confused. It has a height of 20-30 feet and during spring it produces pink flowers that cover the whole branches of the trees making it more beautiful.

According to ASPCA.org these trees are poisonous to dogs, cats , horses and the parts that are toxic are leaves, stems, seeds that contain poisonous compounds called cyanides. It can lead to breathing issues , vomiting and diarrhea, shocks, slow heart rate and respiratory issues. a dog can die in a few hours if it consumes it.

Dwarf Weeping Cherry Tree

This Tree also known by the name Prunus subhirtellais. Dwarf Weeping Cherry tree is a small tree that is grown in a smaller area and one thing that’s good about this tree is you don’t even need a big garden or yard to grow this tree.

People who love the cherry tree can choice to buy the smaller version of its variety and enjoy its amazing flowers and you can grow these in bulk and enjoy when its flower blooms. When Prunus Pendula blooms it shades are of pink and white color.

This tree is a shorter version of a big weeping tree and perfect for the garden area. Japan is the native country of this dwarf weeping cherry tree and now it’s available all over the world. This tree can adapt to all soil types and can adjust to any temperature.

So it means you can enjoy this tree the whole year.

Dwarf white weeping cherry tree :

Dwarf white weeping cherry tree is famous for its white color and you will find it in many places , We have also suggested a online link to purchase those who are searching for its sale , home depot and let me tell you

this one is not available “near me” locations so the easiest way to buy this is through online store.

Pink Fountain Weeping Cherry Tree :

It  is also known by the name Prunus pendula. Pink fountain weeping cherry is unique to Japan and blooms in the start of spring and till the late winters. It has very light pink color foliage that turn into a small fruit when it matures.

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Can you eat cherries from a weeping cherry tree?

No you can’t eat that cherries. It’s not edible and it takes years to appear that’s is very slow process. This Pink Fountain Weeping Cherry tree(Prunus Pendula) also came from japan and now because of trading it is available in every part of the world.

Its USDA zone is 3 to 8. the branches are flexible and it does have thorns in its branches.

Do weeping cherry tree lose its leaves?

Yes, In winters but just before dropping on ground it changes its color to light yellow in fall. In winters the temperature is very low to make it cooler but this tree is not made for this temperature. It needs proper sunlight for 6-8 hours to grow.

Do Weeping Cherry Tree poisonous to dogs?

Yes and not only just weeping cherry tree but many of the plant species are poisonous when consumed and it makes the bad issue in digestive system of any animal. Many people ask if it is poisonous to dogs as you know it is for animals so it is also poisonous for dogs as well.

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What month do these trees bloom?

It generally blooms in the spring season which is between march 21 to June 21, or can think it as it is in between  after succeeding winter & before summer.

How long does a cherry tree produce fruit?

It takes a 4 to 7 years time frame to produce cherries. Another variety of this plant is known as Dwarf Cherry Tree which can produce cherry in just 2 years.

When should we repot a weeping cherry tree?

Roots of Japanese weeping cherry tree develop right up to 11th month. After that in the 12th month, we can put it in a big container so that the plant can spread the roots, and keep in mind that in 2-3 years you should re-pot it again so that the plant can be shifted to a bigger container or in a garden where big space is available for roots.

Sometimes doing plants care can reduce our stress


Plant this beautiful tree but make sure you take care of it by putting fertilizer on soil and watering it when soil gets dry. This tree sure takes time to grow but also you will experience something great while growing this amazing tree.

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