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When to Repot Snake Plant?

They  are very popular among gardeners and made their reputation as the best indoor houseplants. As you know the leaves of this plant is a Spiky green-yellow combination. I have Tried and Grow them in both the environment and must say they grow better outdoors with direct sunlight and I have seen good results like leaves and root ball are more strong, even they grow faster in sunlight than shade. Once the plant grows bigger I move all of them Indoors and one thing you should keep in mind that give them less water and more light. Here I am Writing this article at night but my snake plants are with me in the room.

When to Repot Snake plant? Many people asked me when to repot snake plant is the time when the space they are in feels compact. You can check this by seeing how much soil surface has been covered by the leaves and if more than 75% soil surface is consumed by leaves then it’s time for the plant to repot. Now you should go with a larger size pot for your snake plant. below is the link to buy bigger pots and you can also choose the size and color of the pot as well , they have grey, blue, black ,white pots.

To Answer on how you can repot snake plant is to first loosen the plant soil by digging some soil from the corner without harming the root system. Also do hit from the side of the pot , it will loosen the soil more. Then place the pot in a horizontal position and hit more on the side of the pot then you can see soil is getting out and the plant is loosen properly , take out the snake plant carefully by grabbing its roots.

This is how you take out your snake plant and the last step is to place this in a bigger pot and water it carefully. You should give them direct sunlight for some months and water it every 3-5 days when soil gets dry. In winter they generally are dormant so their growth stops and don’t give them water or you may spray some water whenever you see its soil surface gets dry.

You can also Propagate this snake plant by cutting its rhizome into 2 parts with the leaves and grow another in a new pot. Both will grow beautifully and once your plant gets mature place them indoors that’s what I do. Mature plant leaves give more fresh air than young snake plants. If you are new to snake plant and wants to purchase 1 for the home here i have give 2 of one of its variety so you don’t get confused.

Best Time to repot snake plant is spring to summer or you can even do it whole year it doesn’t get affected as this one just grows in indoor environment more than outdoors.

When to Repot Snake Plant
When to Repot Snake Plant

So how you can prepare your next potting soil mixture. When I was repotting my plant at the same time I did propagate them by taking the cutting and planted them in new pots. Even today If I see my dog by mistake break a Leaf of a snake plant , I simply put that in one of my pots and it starts growing and that is the beauty of this plant.

Prepare Soil Mixture

Snake plants love slightly less moist soil and most of them need the soil to dry because heavy watering can spoil their root system. When I first planted my snake plant I used worm compost and a mix of cactus and succulent soil and they worked quite well as they make your soil well drained and fulfill nutrients requirements and encourage healthy growth of the plant.

20% Worm Mix–  I use Uncle Jim’s Worm Mix.

Recommended Products

30% Cactus and succulent soil Mix – I use Hoffman’s here is a link to check.

50% Sand and mix it well ,now its ready.

Above I have suggested 2 different soil mix but if you want to have everything in a single product then you can say the Dirtico Product , they specially made this for snake or Sansevieria plants.

It has an equal amount of worm mix ,perlite, peat moss and lime which is good for plants overall growth , You can mix this compost(30%-40%) into your soil directly. This is all in one product so you can give it a try.

Mkono Plastic Planters

Mkono Plastic Planters


Variegated Snake Plant  



When to Repot Snake Plant


Snake Plant  



Snake plant

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